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Oak Street Po-Boy Festival 2016 Vendor Menus 

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Craft Brews at Po-Boy Fest!

Flight packages will be available at Pint Alley so that you can sample craft brews from ALL breweries responsibly.

Brewery Location
Tin Roof      Pint Alley & Football Tailgates on Dublin Street & on Monroe Street
New_Belgium Pint Alley & Football Tailgate on Dante Street
Bayou Teche Pint Alley, 8700 Block of Oak Street
Abita Pint Alley, 8600 & 8400 Blocks of Oak Street
Chafunkta Pint Alley, 8500 & 8400 Blocks of Oak Street
Yuengling  Pint Alley, 8200 & 8400 Blocks of Oak Street
Second Line Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
NOLA Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
Terrapin Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
Santa Fe Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
Mudbug Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
Oskar_Blues  Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
Lagunitas Pint Alley on Leonidas Street
  SHOW YOUR LOVE! This free event receives no public funding. Our success and continuation rely solely upon beverage sales. Please do not bring outside drinks. Show your love and buy your drinks from official Po-Boy Fest bars!

Ajun Cajun (23 on map)
Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy: Fried with seasoned tempura batter. Served with lettuce, tomato and Pink Sauce (Japanese Seasoned mayonnaise) - $11
Catfish Po-Boy: Fried with seasoned tempura batter. Served with lettuce, tomato and Pink Sauce   (Japanese seasoned mayonnaise) - $8
Yakiniku Po-Boy (garlic rib eye beef): Thin sliced Ribeye Beef and onion,sautéed in garlic sauce. Served with mozzarella cheese, Kewpie mayonnaise, pickled carrot and zucchini - $8
All Po-Boys are served on toasted Dong Phuong Bread.

Blue Oak BBQ (22 on map)
Prime Brisket Pastrami Po-Boy - $7
Roasted Garlic Mac 'n' Cheese - $4

Bobby Hebert's Cajun Cannon (31 on map)
Blackened Catfish Po-Boy topped with crawfish cream sauce - $8

Boucherie (4 on map)
4" Boucherie Barbecue Shrimp Po-Boy - $8
4" Hot Sausage & Cheese Po-Boy - $7
Cracklin' - $4
French Fries - $5

Bratz Y'all! - German Recipes • New Orleans Style (28 on map)
Slow-roasted pork marinated in dark beer, topped with mustard, sauerkraut & caramelized onions - $9
NOLA Schnitzel Po-Boy: Breaded and deep fried pork loin topped with crawfish remoulade slaw- $9
Nuernberger Po-Boy: Fresh grilled pork sausage (oldest known sausage recipe dating back to 1400 AD) topped with mustard, sauerkraut & caramelized onions in a fresh baked pretzel bun... $8
German Potato Salad vegetarian recipe with dill, herbs, pickle and eggs - $4
Bavarian Salted Pretzels - Fresh baked locally -$4 With homemade dip - $7

Carmo (32 on map)
Creole BBQ Local Wild Boar Po-Boy 6" - $8
Creole BBQ Veggies & Local Organic Tofu Po-Boy 6" - $8 (vegan)
Garfish Poboy with Trini Slaw "6 - $8
Side Slaw - $4

Crabby Jacks (12 on map)
Slow Roasted Duck Po-Boy with Green Apple Cole Slaw - $8
Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo - $8
Jalapeño Mac & Cheese - $5
Dirty Rice - $5

Crêpes à la Cart (7 on map)
The Black & Gold (Nutella & Bananas Crêpe) - $7
Bacon & Nutella Crêpe - $7
Nutella Crêpe - $6

Gattuso's Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant (18 on map)
Sloppy Roast Beef Po-Boy - $8
Oyster Club Po-Boy with Crispy fried oysters, Bacon & Remoulade - $8
Fried Shrimp Po-Boy - $8
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo - $6
Debris Fries/Fries - $7/$3
Roast Beef Po-Boy - $8
Meatball Po-Boy - $8
Crawfish Eggroll - $7

GW Fins (15 on map)
Fried Lobster Po-Boy: Fried Lobster tossed in Crystal Hot Sauce - $11

Jack Dempsey's Restaurant (26 on map)
Lake Pontchartrain Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy dressed w/ lettuce and mayo or remoulade - $10
Fried Stuffed Crab Po-Boy dressed w/ lettuce and mayo or remoulade - $7
Fried Shrimp Remoulade Po-Boy dressed w/ lettuce and mayo or remoulade - $8
Corn, Shrimp & Crab Bisque 8 oz bowl creamed based soup with shrimp crabmeat and corn - $7
Baked Macaroni (Penne pasta baked w/ several cheeses) - $5

Jacques-Imo's Cafe (11 on map)
Slow Roasted Duck Po-Boy: Pulled duck served in Cajun jalapeño duck gravy, dressed with green apple cole slaw - $8
Fried Green Tomato & Shrimp Remoulade Po-Boy: Battered and fried green tomatoes topped with creamy homemade Shrimp Remoulade - $8
Shrimp Po-Boy: Gulf Shrimp, deep fried until golden brown - $8
Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake: Savory cheesecake, baked with shrimp and alligator sausage, set in a Parmesan cheese crust and topped with a Creole Tomato Sauce - $8

Knights of Columbus (1 on map)
Turducken Sausage Po-Boy - $8
Bratwurst & Sauerkraut Po-Boy w ith sauerkraut and spicy mustard - $8

Love At First Bite by Walker's BBQ (20 on map)
The Cochon de Lait Po-Boy: 14 hour, hickory-smoked pork butts, served on freshly baked french bread and dressed with a creamy, spicy cole slaw 2 sizes: 3 in.- $5 & 6 in - $9

Mahony's Po-Boys (19 on map)
Oyster Brie Po-Boy: Fresh Spinach, P&J Oysters, With Thin slices of Brie cheese slightly melted 
Mahony's Onion Rings
Mahony's Potato Salad

Miss Linda The Yakamein Lady (24 on map)
Beef Yakamein - $7
Shrimp & Beef Yakamein - $8
Alligator Sauage Po-Boy - $9
Shrimp & Crabmeat Po-Boy $10
Pork Chop with Bone n on Po-Boy Dressed $8
 Crawfish & Shrimp Mac & Cheese $7
Oceana Grill (30 on map)
Oyster Rockefeller Po-Boy - $8
Original New Orleans Snoballs and Po-Boys (16 on map)
Shrimp Po-Boy - $8
Crawfish Nachos - $7
Jambalaya - $6

Parkway Bakery and Tavern (9 on map)
Blow Torched BBQ Beef and Slaw Po-Boy: 5 inch slow roasted BBQ Beef topped with blow-torched pepper jack cheese and slaw - $10

Red Fish Grill (25 on map)
BBQ Oyster Po-Boy - 6" - $10
Shrimp and Pimento Cheese Melt - 6" - $8
Saltwater Grill (3 on map)
Cochon de lait Po-Boy with coleslaw and horseradish cream sauce - $7
Crawfish & Spinach Boat - $8
Grilled Alligator Sausage on a stick - $5

Seither's Seafood (17 on map)
Crawfish Étouffée Po-Boy: Louisiana Crawfish Tails, Bell Pepper, Onion, Celery, and Garlic cooked down in a roux with tomatoes Cajun seasonings and spices. Topped with fresh Herbs - $10
Blackened Red Fish Po-Boy: Local catch seasoned and seared with in-house spice. Served on a loaf with a cabbage and carrot cole slaw. Topped with green onions and toasted almonds - $10
Alligator Fricassee' Po-Boy: Prime Alligator cuts stewed down in a gravy with garlic, onions, Celery, mushrooms, Leeks, and carrots. Topped with Italian Leaf Parsley - $10

Silence of Da Hams (8 on map)
Chef Guevara Cuban - A twist on the traditional Cuban using Cuba Libré marinated pork shoulder, shaved Chisesi's ham tossed in rum molasses vinegar, pickled mirlitons, and NOLA Hopitioulas mustard - $8
Simone's Market (5 on map)
Smoked Fried Chicken Thigh Po-Boy with Pickled peppers and slaw - $8
Scotch Eggs: Simone’s market sage sausage, Mississippi farm egg, marinated mustard seeds and house pickle - $5
Louisiana Sweet Potato Hummus: cumin spiced pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and grilled pita - $6

Trenasse (6 on map)
6" Catfish Meuniere Po-Boy - $8 
6 OZ Crawfish Mac - $6
2 EA Stuffed Chicken Wings with Pepper jelly - $8

Vaucresson Sausage (2 on map)
Creole Hot Sausage Po-Boy - $7
Creole Crawfish Sausage Po-Boy - $7 
Creole Italian Chicken Sausage Po-Boy - $7 

Vincent's Italian Cuisine (10 on map)
Godfather Po-Boy: brisket, meatballs, and Italian sausage topped w/ mozzarella cheese, basil & red sauce - $8
Corn & Crabmeat Bisque served in a bread bowl - $6
Cannoli's - $4

Voleo's Seafood Restaurant (21 on map)
Cajun Surf and Turf Po-Boy: Smothered rabbit topped with fried oysters & spicy Cajun tartar sauce - $10
Fried Softshell Shrimp Po-Boy With spicy remoulade sauce - $10
Homemade Crawfish Rolls With Cajun sweet & sour sauce (1) for $2 (2) for $7
Crabmeat Boudin Balls With Creole mustard sauce - $8

Wayfare (14 on map)
Spicy Carolina Pulled Pork Po-Boy: Spicy pulled pork, pickled watermelon, pickled jalapenos, pepper jelly and sweet southern style coleslaw - $10
Beef and Black Bean Meat Pies (2) With cilantro lime crema - $6

Wow Cafe (29 on map)
Shrimp and Grit Cake Po-Boy - $7
Shanghai Shrimp Po-Boy - $7
French fries - $4

Our beloved Oak Street Vendors will also be vending during Po Boy Fest. Check back for menus!

Attention Oak Street Restaurants: Email your menus to and we'll upload them here.




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